Pay After Placement

Zero Upfront Fees

Your software career starts here. With online classes taught by live instructors and one-on-one mentoring, Edufect is your gateway to a software career. And the best part? You won't pay until you get a software job.


Pay After Placement

Pay After Placement is a unique initiative by Edufect to transform software training. At Edufect, we are familiar with the requirements and interview process of a lot of tech companies. The Pay After Placement course structure is specially designed to help you learn skills relevant to industry requirements.

Under Pay After Placement, there is ZERO upfront fees. After successfully completing the course and then getting an offer for a software job, the fees is to be paid when you join the job.

The fees is 3 months CTC. However, the fees is only payable when you join a software company refered by Edufect. If you join a company on your own, no fees is payable. Also, to encourage students, Edufect has some offers for a limited period. So do check it out and use this amazing opportunity.

The training is hands-on, industry oriented and transformative. Focus on successfully completing it, and you could be looking at a good software career.


  • Duration : 4 months
  • Become a full stack developer.
  • Hands-on lab sessions.
  • 1 on 1 sessions to give personalized training.
  • Study Material for continuous learning.
  • Personalised attention and mentoring.
  • Individual doubt clearing.
  • Strong industry orientation and placement focus